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Hydroxychloroquine Working

The list of manifestations, their severity, depends on the pathological process itself. Its expressiveness.

The probability of generalized infection and death from complications is high.


It is clear from the list of symptoms that complications are possible. Damage to the heart, lungs.

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There are pathological processes such as peritonitis, sepsis - all these are the consequences of agranulocytosis. Especially if the patient is not receiving adequate therapy. The issue has already been raised. It is worth saying a few words about hydroxychloroquine culprits of the violation.

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This selectivity betrays illness. Salivary, lacrimal structures, etc. are mainly involved. The disorder is severe, but amenable to therapy better than lupus. Other autoimmune diagnoses. For example, thyroiditis. When thyroid tissue is involved. The classic variant of this disorder is Hashimoto's disease. Infections. Mononucleosis, tuberculosis and other dangerous forms of pathological processes. Against the background of this condition, a disorder like agranulocytosis is lethal. But the septic form is also relatively rare. Hereditary anomalies. An infrequent option. However, it is virtually untreatable.

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There are radical methods like bone marrow transplantation, but in conditions where there are no donors, this is more a utopia than a real method of therapy. Taking certain medications. This includes acetylsalicylic acid, plaquenil, cytostatics (for chemotherapy), glucocorticoids, hormonal medicines and quite a few pharmaceutical groups.

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Their systematic use is accompanied by a decrease in the synthesis of blood cells. Violation of differentiation and maturation. Therefore, all funds can be taken only with a doctor's prescription. Ionizing radiation. It has an extremely negative effect on the bone marrow. Considering that it is in this organ that all leukocytes are produced, it is clear what harm radiation causes to patients. Correction of the state is possible, but it presents difficulties. Since you need to act quickly, every hour counts. The examination is carried out under the supervision of a hematologist.

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